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MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » Microsoft Messenger for Mac v6.0.2

Microsoft Messenger for Mac makes it easy to take advantage of the full power of instant messaging, and it is a Universal application built to run on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » ChatStat 2.5.1

Operator or Visitor Initiated Web Chat, MovingGraph Stats, & Instant Messenging.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » MSN Messenger Game Name The Picture 1.2

Play against your MSN Messenger contacts in this funny captions game. Version 1.2 includes unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » Messenger Rank

Messengerrank is a new and fun Add-on for MSN Messenger.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » Messenger Discovery X2 v2.1.001

Messenger Discovery X2 v2.1.001 (Released 15th Jan, 2006) MessengerDiscovery is a MSN Messenger add-on. In other words with MessengerDiscovery you can add extra features to MSN Messenger, or simply enhance it an customize MSN Messenger.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » Screenshot Sender v3.0.561 beta

Screenshot Sender v3.0.561 beta lets you send screenshots to your MSN contacts.

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » StuffPlug-NG v2.2.397 BETA

StuffPlug-NG v2.2.397 BETA is 95% Compatible Plugin With MSN Messenger 7.5

MSN Messenger Plugins/Add-ons » Messenger Plus! 3.62.146

Messenger Plus! 3.62.146 released Dec. 20th 2005 Messenger Plus! 3 isthe one essential add-on for MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger. Lots of features are available, for every day use, for work, or just for fun! It's free and it's great.