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Remove Restrictions Tool 1

RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool) v.1.0When I reboot a previously infected computer, I usually be faced with the same thing every time; the virus made some system restrictions in order to make himself hidden, those restrictions are usually the following: Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del >> so the user can\'t see the virus and the other running applications. Disable Folder Options >> so the user can\'t set the option to show hidden files. Disable Regedit >> so the user can\'t see what is going on in system startup. Unfortunately, AV Softwares have nothing to do with these restrictions and do nothing to re-enable them.\r\n\r\nHere, you\'ll find a tiny tool that does the work for AVs, it re-Enables all what the virus had disabled, and brings every thing back. RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool) was designed & published for free, if you found it useful please let me know.

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