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ZwCAD 2005

ZwCAD2005 Create 2D drawings, 3D models, and designs. ZwCAD is an excellent alternative to AutoCAD in the 2D field with a fair price. It is fully compatible with AutoCAD and with the same native file format as AutoCAD's. It can read, save and edit the files produced by any AutoCAD version. Now we have released ZwCAD2005. System Requirements: Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server Unrivaled DWG compatibility ZwCAD's native file format is .DWG, so when you open an existing DWG file there's no file conversion and no data loss. ZwCAD also provides a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, as well programming API's such as AutoLISP and ADS. That means you can get to work immediately using the DWG files, AutoCAD commands and applications you rely on. Full compatibility with AutoCAD 1. Native DWG support, DWG files (including AutoCAD R11 to 2006) ZwCAD allows users to read, write, modify and save any drawings existing in AutoCAD from R14 to 2006 without conversion. And since drawings are natively created in DWG, it can be shared between ZwCAD and AutoCAD without data loss. 2. Support for AutoCAD command line By clicking the right button of a mouse on the toolbar then selecting [command bar] from the shortcut menu, or pressing [F12], the command line appears as in AutoCAD. Furthermore, users are able to use AutoCAD commands and thousands of programs coded by AutoLISP, ADS, and VBA. 3. AutoCAD menu's, fonts and symbols ZwCAD supports AutoCAD menus (.MNU), scripts (.SCR), dialog boxes (.DCL) and fonts (.SHX). So you can easily transfer custom AutoCAD environments into ZwCAD and coutinue working in your favorite drafting environment all the same. 4. Raster image display ZwCAD supports the raster image files such as scanning files or photos on drawings. Supported formats are BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX and so on. In addition, it can copy to DWG image directly. 5. Digitizer Support Many drafting departments have established routines using digitizers within their CAD workgroup. For CAD departments that utilize digitizers as input devices. ZwCAD supports both tablet mode for tracing and the use of tablet menus for command input. 6. 3D surface commands ZwCAD's sophisticated 3-D capability allows creation of high-quality 3-D models. You can display them as wireframes, with hidden lines removed, or with surface shading.

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