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Messenger Discovery X2 v2.1.001

Messenger Discovery X2 v2.1.001 (Released 15th Jan, 2006) MessengerDiscovery is a MSN Messenger add-on. In other words with MessengerDiscovery you can add extra features to MSN Messenger, or simply enhance it an customize MSN Messenger. Features: Contact Manager and Online Contact information: Contact manager and online contact information will tell you information about the following: Flags a contact if they have deleted you Tells you whether you have blocked/deleted a contact Shows you if a contact has been seen online Lists a contacts nickname/personal message Lets you know your contacts major MSN Messenger version Gives you statistics about how many messages you have sent and received from the contact and displays a comprehendible ratio Lets you know if a contact has MessengerDiscovery Alerts: There are a set of alerts that will tell you when the following events occur: When a contact goes offline When a contact deletes you When a contact closes your conversation window When a contact open as conversation window with you When someone adds you onto their contact list Instant Message Protection/Blocks: MessengerDiscovery can block while still allowing you to send the following rich content: Nudges Custom emoticons Winks It can also protect you from IM floods (when a contact sends you a message more than twice) and will block messages with profane content. Advanced Instant Message Settings: Auto reply - set an auto reply to specific messages Auto response - create an instant response to any received message Remove your 'is typing' message Have a nickname in your conversation window that is different to your nickname Imitate contacts Right align messages Stop flashing taskbar item upon message arrival Queue messages while your status is set to 'away' and receive them when you come back Highlight contact messages in a conversation window Other features Messenger debug to view incoming/outgoing packets within Messenger Webcam snapshot Send images stored in your clipboard easily Display picture stealing/archiving Disable MSN Messenger's auto-update Terminate Messenger instead of allowing it to hide in the system tray Advanced nickname in Messenger options Status hotkeys for busy/away/online/appear offline Have your status set to 'online' after a set amount of time after sign in Auto sign in if you get signed out of Messenger Sign in and be shown as 'Using MSN web messenger' or 'On a mobile device' Fake having a webcam to your contact Prevent being shown as idle Pop-ups are fully customizable Received file organizer Log server errors Winamp support for "What I'm listening to" Nickname history to record/restore previous nicknames Revolving nickname Easy interactive agents usage to add chat bots to you Messenger Talk invisibly to contacts (be shown as appear offline) And more... If we listed all the things MessengerDiscovery X2 can do, we would be here all day. Simply browse through the settings dialog to discover for your self a whole new MSN Messenger.

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