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AOL® Explorer 1.2

Welcome the next generation of Internet browsing. AOL has built upon Microsoft® Internet Explorer technology-the world's most widely used-and raised it to the next level. AOL Explorer has enhanced security and more time-saving features than any other browser. Built-in pop-up controls help protect you against annoying pop-ups and Spyware Quick Scan makes your surfing safer. A host of new tools, like Tabbed Browsing help make you more efficient. New AOL Explorer is the leap forward in browsing you've been waiting for. Tabbed Browsing AOL Explorer attaches easy-to-see tabs to browser windows so you can find -- and get-to -- the window you want in a snap. It lets you "keep tabs" on your Internet experience. Portable Favorites AOL Explorer transfers your favorite website links from IE, and lets you access them from a "Portable Favorites Folder." This way, you can tap into your favorite sites on any machine using your AOL or AIM Screen name by simply going to RSS Widgets Receive live RSS feeds from your favorite sites & sample the latest news and information in the form of a news ticker. Best of all, you can drag and drop them anywhere on your desktop. You are never far from the latest breaking events, sports scores, and general information. System Requirements Minimum Internet Explorer Version: 6.0 OS: Windows 2000 or higher (Recommended XP) RAM: 64 MB (Recommended 128 MB) Hard Disk Space: 60 MB Processor: 166 MHz Pentium Class processor(Recommended 700 MHz)

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