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BASIC Battle v1.0

This is a simple Game where the object is to take over all 100 territories. you will start with 10 farmers, 50 territories, and no army. your palm will control the the other 50 in this battle. each turn you can train farmers so they become soldiers, attack the computer, or go to the next day. the computer will do the same, and so forth. if you win a battle, you will win one territory from the computer, and same for it.

Oh and I should probably mention food. food is neccesary, because if it goes to 0 you will lose all your army and farmers to starvation. farmers obviously will get you food, so don't train too many of them because you can't take it back.

The only feature I can boast so far is an "easy" AI, but I will have saving, AI choices,(including literally impossible without cheating on either side), more strategy, and possibly abilility to accept pen taps.

This is the programming environment I use to make my programs.

You need it on your palm(not your card) for these programs to run. then just run smallbasic, and select a program!(go to menu>edit>file details and check off OS script.

This should make an icon on your palm so you don't have to run smallbasic and do it from there. but you will still need smallbasic installed for the program to run.) note for zlauncher users: if you do OS script, you may have to go to file manager and "unhide" the file(I have to for my palm) happy battling!

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