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Web Browsers » McAfee SiteAdvisor Plug-in for Firefox

McAfee SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

Web Browsers » AOL® Explorer 1.2

Welcome the next generation of Internet browsing. AOL has built upon Microsoft® Internet Explorer technology-the world's most widely used-and raised it to the next level. AOL Explorer has enhanced security and more time-saving features than any other browser. Built-in pop-up controls help protect you against annoying pop-ups and Spyware Quick Scan makes your surfing safer. A host of new tools, like Tabbed Browsing help make you more efficient. New AOL Explorer is the leap forward in browsing you've been waiting for.

Web Browsers » FoxyTunes 2.9

Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web? FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser.

Web Browsers » Free TV Online software v3.0

NOBtv is a very easy-to-use TV Online software which is
completely free without any limitations.

Web Browsers » Opera 9.2 Web browser

Opera gives you the tools to experience the Web your way. Secure, fast, and easy to use, the full-featured Opera browser comes in a compact 3.5 MB download.

Web Browsers » Opera 8 for Windows

Opera for Windows [ Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP ] Surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches with advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. Because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Web Browsers » Firefox 1.5.0

The award-winning Web browser is better than ever. Browse the Web with confidence. (Windows version)

Web Browsers » Songbird 0.1

Songbird plays the Web. Play any MP3 on the Web without leaving the page. Songbird can view Web pages as dynamic playlists that it can play, save, or automatically download every day.

Web Browsers » Netscapae Browser 8.0

Netscape began by trying to make an Internet that users found easy to use. Today we offer integrations of intuitive digital tools, innovative attractions and infinite media content. The revolutionary new Netscape Browser 8 provides more security options, streamlines more standard browsing tasks and arms internet users with more timesaving solutions to their browsing needs than any other browser. (For Windows XP, English)