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Graphic Editors » Wings 3D v0.98.32a + Manual

Wings 3D is a subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware.

System Utilities » WinOverBoost 2.11

WinOverBoost allows you to tweak several aspects of your system, in an attempt to improve your overall system performance and Internet connectivity. It includes a RAM and Swap file optimizer that offers a graphical display of current RAM and CPU usage and allows you to defragment your memory. In addition, the program can apply several operating system specific tweaks that are known to improve performance. The additional TCP/IP tweaking tool can optimize your Internet connection settings to take full advantage of your connection type. All the changes that are made by the program can be easily undone as needed, so it is safe to use and experiment. Additional features include automatic memory cleaning, interactive tray icon and a nice interface.

Security » WinPatrol

WinPatrol allows you to get a better understanding of what programs are being added to your computer.

System Utilities » WinUHA - UHARC GUI

High Compression Multimedia Archiver

Audio & Video » XviD-1.1.2-01022007 XviD Video Codec

XviD 1.1.2-01022007 released. This release is XviD 1.1.2-01022007 bugfix release. You can download final source code here

Security » Zone Labs IMsecure

Instant Messenger Security Tool

Security » ZoneAlarm 7.0

Protect your Internet connection from hackers and other security breaches

Other Graphic Tools » ZwCAD 2005

ZwCAD2005 Create 2D drawings, 3D models, and designs. ZwCAD is an excellent alternative to AutoCAD in the 2D field with a fair price. It is fully compatible with AutoCAD and with the same native file format as AutoCAD's. It can read, save and edit the files produced by any AutoCAD version. Now we have released ZwCAD2005. System Requirements: Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

BitTorrent Client » µTorrent 1.7.5

µTorrent is a lightweight (Very) and efficient BitTorrent client that includes bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT.


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