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P2P Clients » Ares Ultra 2007

Ares Ultra lets You Download all the FREE Music, Movies
and Software You Ever Wanted.

Palm Freeware » BASIC Battle v1.0

This is a simple Game where the object is to take over all 100 territories. you will start with 10 farmers, 50 territories, and no army.

Palm Freeware » Fish v1.0

Fish is a simple fishing game. The object is to catch as many fish as possible and return to the dock before sunset.

Palm Freeware » BlockCardApp v1.0

Stop annoying app-switching whenever you insert a memory card.

AntiVirus Programs » Remove Restrictions Tool 1

Fix what the virus had disabled on your system.

Data Recovery » Slice 0.2

Slice is a simple command-line utility that splits a file into several 'slices' that can be easily concatenated to recover the original file.

Palm Freeware » Converter version 2.2

Converter is a free unit conversion tool for the Palm, supporting over 200 unit types in 23 different categories.

AntiVirus Programs » Portable Antivirus 1.5

Fix Windows settings and registry and protect your computer from viruses.

Other » The Complete Guitar Resource Program v1.1

Free download that runs on any windows operating system. Great for learning scales, chords, tabs, etc.

Audio & Video » Winamp Plugin 2.4

Plugin for Nullsoft Winamp 2.x and 5.x

Web Browsers » McAfee SiteAdvisor Plug-in for Firefox

McAfee SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

System Utilities » Tweak UI

With the Tweak UI 1.33 update, you can adjust your Windows User Interface, including menu speed, window animation, and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Boot Disks » Windows XP Quick Bootdisk v1.0

A windows XP quickboot diskette

Adware/Popup Killers » CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker

CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker is a simple and easy to use popup killer that will eliminate most common popups (not all).

Anti-Virus » CompactbyteAV (CAV) 0.94

CompactbyteAV (CAV) is an antivirus for local Indonesian viruses/worms. Most of the local Indonesian virus are not detected by Commercial AV for weeks or event months.


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